Thursday, December 06, 2007

Shabby Cream Vintage Sewing drawer set


Mockingbird Hill said...'re killin' me,'re really killin' me! (in my best Daddy Day Care voice) Each and every thing better than the rest...just love it all. Love. It.

Great week to you....Cassie

"Maggie" said...

I absolutely love the vintage sewing drawer set! I was at Jessi's on Sunday and saw the journal she purchased, it's so beautiful and I love it!

Sadie Lou said...

Wow! So many delicious things in this post. I really love those little white wreaths--sheer Christmas Heaven!

Barbara Hagerty said...

Hi Kris,
I just happened by your blog and am SO glad to have found you! So many amazing things you've made, I could have left a word of praise on any one of your posts, but chose this one because of the yummy non-traditional colors you've chosen for Christmas decorations! I'm a lover of the traditional too, but these out of the box colors are so subtle and so much fun! Thanks for the endless sea of eye candy!

Happy Christmas!

Veronica said...