Friday, February 06, 2009

Basil update

Basil does not like the rain, or his yellow rain coat.


kathy said...

KRIS ! _ Basil is the cutest cute -- and so patient _I am still smiling -- so adorable -- Looks like you are doing well and having fun - Your son so handsome also -- of course - like his cute MOM !!-- I am having fun with the downloads - I do love your great creations !- HUGS _ KAthy - ga ♥


He might not like his raincoat, but he is so very adorable in it!


vivian said...

tooo cute! your right, he doesnt look very happy! enjoy the weekend!

kana said...


Basil is too cute! Although he doesn't seem to like having his picture made.

The Charm House said...

Kris, Just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog! The name fits so perfect! I feel so much better after leaving here!
:) Yvette

Vicki Pink Pearl Girl said...

Your Basil is adorable!!!! I just love the yellow rain coat. I had a orange tabby cat named Basil who passed away at 14 & his brother Tarragon live to be 20 before passing. I think your Basil has stolen my heart!!!

AMIT said...

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*SHeRRy B* said...

How cute! Thanks for making me smile, this morning!

Shoal Creek Cottage said...

Kris what are you doing to this poor little guy, I better come get him. LOL. Hope all is well with you, see you had both your baby boys home, good for you.. BIg Hugs Me

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