Friday, December 24, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Sweet German Christmas Story

Many Christmas Eves ago in a certain house in Germany, it was customary for all the house animals to gather after the family had gone to bed and view the christmas tree.
The gray spiders waited until all had turned in for the night -animals and humans-
So out they all came...creepy, creepy, creepy- to view the marvelous tree.
And then, they began to climb, branch to branch, needle to needle, ball to ball. To the very tip top star, right up close to every pretty little thing they could see.
Finally they were done. They crept down and disappeared.
But the tree, it was now covered in cobwebs- dull grey cobwebs from top to bottom. Now the Christ child knew that the house mother disliked cobwebs, and he knew that the children would be so dissappointed to find their tree, so carefully decorated, now covered with dull gray cobwebs. So he turned the the webs into shimmering silver glimmering icicles. Never in that time had there been such a tree, and it was hard to say who had been more excited to see it, all the little spiders or the children when they awoke on Christmas morning.

Tried needle felting-ooooccchhhh! sharp needles!

Made a couple of sock monkeys