Saturday, March 09, 2013

Chocolate themed greeting cards

Set of 5 -20.00. If you would like a set email me at

Crepe paper flowers banner

Between Valentines and Easter- Chocolate is my go to snack. It makes me happy so a piece a day and life is good.

Chocolate themed greeting cards

Chocolate flashcard packs

Set of 8 flashcards- 6.00 each. Email me at if you would like a set.

Chocolate tags

Set of 12 Chocolate themed tags 10.00- Email me at    if you would like a set.

A Chocolate banner

The Lakewood antiques show is next weekend. We're working on a Chocolate themed window for Joann's store Ribbon Emporium.

A Chocolate banner

Zip Pouch purse with fabric flowers

'Cause when your shopping girls, you know, all you need is a credit card and lipstick!

Working on Chocolate banners

Chocolate banner with chocolate seam binding.