Wednesday, May 14, 2008


kathy said...

Kris - This pic is too funny -- would love to know the caption you would give it _ Maybe -- Girls just want to have fun LOL --
Hope you had a Blessed Mother's Day --- Kathy - GA

Kai said...

My GOODNESS! LOL! I'm thinking those girls could use a few margaritas to loosen up some! Actually, I LOVE that photo! I'd like to have interviewed each of them and hear what on earth they were thinking! There's definitely a story behind THAT gathering!
P.S. I emailed you privately earlier to ask you a question but it seems some of my emails aren't making it to people (grrrrr) so let me know if you got it, okay? Thanks!

Sandy said...

I may be wrong but think they are not girls but boys who are not so excited about being drag queens!