Monday, September 15, 2008

A little digi fun


bluemuf said...

I love it. Great work


Sandy said...

I am glad one of us is having fun at the digi stuff! I told you about my new endeavor to learn digi art, not going so well but I will keep trying!

The Little Miss said...

i love the little girl with the cute

casa bella chic

Victoria said...

my fav is the moon and the little girl holding the pumpkin.

Happy Halloween!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh! I love how you stuck Basil in there with the little hat! Precious!

Jen**SugaredSongbird** said...

Love your shadowboxes, so creative! said...

Your image cd's are the best!!

Jessi Nagy said...

hey sweets,
i miss you.
hope all is well,

randi said...

cute, cute! I love your banner,'s adorable!

Kara Ward said...

This is above and beyond-fabulous. I am loving your blog. I am going to have to get one of those cd's everyone is buzzing about. Kara

Sandy said...

Hi Kris,

Thought I'd pop in and let you know that my new gorgeous banner will be up on Monday! Your Halloween banner reminds me of a little poem:

Halloween, Halloween,
Oh what funny things we've seen,
Witches hats,
Coal black cats,
Broomstick riders,
Mice and rats!

Have a happy weekend!

vivian said...

amazing Kris! I love it!

Vicki Chrisman said...

Super Cute!

Gina M Smith said...

I can't decide which I love the most: Basil or your new banner!

Lisa Marie said...

that is so cute I love it..hugs, lisa

Sherry Williams said...

Your Halloween banner is so cute!!I just love it! Hope your new little puppy is doing well!

Susannah said...

Ooh lovely and great blog!
Susannah x